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Large Black Oak Savannah Biome Outworld

Large Black Oak Savannah Biome Outworld

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Hole Arrangement

Black Oak Savannas were once common across the great lakes, being maintained through controlled burns. Today, only 0.01 percent of this habitat remains. Black oak trees, which thrive in sandy soils, are what dozens of species rely on. 


  • Yellow Sand
  • False Grasses
  • Rainbow Slate
  • Manzanita Branches
  • Oak Leaves
  • Red Base

Perfect conversation pieces that come with a vented hatch on top to keep in those pesky escape artists. A ledge in the outworld allows the upside-down application of fluon and other anti-escape barriers, which are a must for containing Crematogaster, Tapinoma, and other species of ants.

These outworlds are 8"x4"x4" or 20cmx10cmx10cm and are compatible with most formicaria we stock. The holes on the outworld are 3/8 inch or 9.5mm.

(If you're not sure about the hole arrangement, it may be best to select Zero, and drill holes later)

Zero: No holes (Most Popular)

A: Hole on short side

B: Holes on 2 opposite sides

Message us for custom hole arrangements

Black Oak Savannah Species of Ants Include but Are Not Limited To:

  • Aphaenogaster fulva
  • Aphaenogaster treatae
  • Aphaenogaster rudis
  • Brachymyrmex depilis
  • Camponotus americanus
  • Camponotus castaneus
  • Camponotus nearcticus
  • Camponotus novaborecensis
  • Camponotus pennsylvannicus
  • Crematogaster cerasi
  • Crematogaster lineolata
  • Forelius pruinosus
  • Formica dakotensis
  • Formica exsectoides
  • Formica pallidefulva
  • Formica pergandei
  • Lasius interjectus
  • Lasius latipes
  • Lasius murphyi
  • Lasius neoniger
  • Lasius subglaber
  • Monomorium minimum
  • Myrmica alaskensis
  • Myrmica americana
  • Myrmica spatulata
  • Prenolepis imparis
  • Solenopsis molesta
  • Solenopsis texana
  • Stenamma schmidti
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