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Formica pallidefulva "Southern" (Pale Field Ant)

Formica pallidefulva "Southern" (Pale Field Ant)

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In the wild, Formica pallidefulva are hosts of many parasites, including Formica pergandei and the Clear Amazon Ant, Polyergus montivagus.

Formica pallidefulva are large, brownish ants at queens from 8-12 mm and workers from 6-9mm. They grow large colonies up to 5000 workers in just 3 years. They prefer 71-79 Fahrenheit and like around 50% humidity. They're more skittish than most ants, and so are of medium difficulty to start, but are extremely enthusiastic and fast growing once they break 50 workers. In the wild, Formica are some of the most dominant ants, hunting down other species and consuming large amounts of biomass, though Formica incerta seem more peaceful than other varieties. We get just a few of these each year, but nonetheless are a wonderful species. However, these ants come in two different varieties; a Southern variety which is bright yellow, and a Northern variety which is a lighter bronze. The farther north the population, the darker the colors, seemingly to better absorb heat from the sunlight.

Pictured is Formica biophilica, a similar species almost indistinguishable from Formica pallidefulva outside of eye shape.

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This species is not cold-tolerant. Thus, we will not ship them in the winter

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