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Esthetic Ants

Esthetic Ants: Medium Ytong - Type A | The Tower

Esthetic Ants: Medium Ytong - Type A | The Tower

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Outworld Decoration

Designed by Esthetic Ants himself and shipped directly to us, this nest is made from Ytong, an aerated concrete which is lightweight, durable, and insulating. This nest is great for growing colonies of any species.

These nests from us are shipped with small (100 x 100 x 100mm) bioscape outworlds. If you want a specific type of outworld, select custom and add a note to specify which outworld.


  • The nest dimensions are 106 x 121 x 28 mm (l x w x h).
  • 7 straight shaped chambers.
  • Ytong block holds moisture that can be added via 'the chimney' at the side of the formicarium.
  • Escape proof mesh embeded into the frame. 
  • Clearview acrylic held down with screws (can be easily removed if needed). We don't recommend removing all the screws.
  • 10 mm and 15 mm access port for easy connection.
  • Nest can be used both vertically and horizontally by rotating the chimney. You might have to use pliars to do so.

This product is from Canada Ant Colony. The full catalogue, including all variants, can be found at

Note: If custom outworld is selected without any notes in the order section, a random biome outworld will be given.

Nest Capacity

These are estimates as to the full number of ants that can be placed in the nest. The stated values are the BARE MINIMUM. It is recommended to add more workers than the minimum, ideally at least double or triple the quantity.

Small Ants

100 - 2000 workers

Medium Ants

50 - 750 workers

Large Ants

25 - 250 workers


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