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Camponotus castaneus (Chestnut Carpenter Ant)

Camponotus castaneus (Chestnut Carpenter Ant)

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Camponotus castaneus, the Chestnut Carpenter Ant, are beautiful ants with bright orange coloring and one of the largest ants in North America. They form large colonies, but are typically timid and come out only at night amidst mixed forests and savannah.

It's theorized that many Northern species of ants are darker in color in order to absorb more heat.

As they fly later in the year than other carpenter ant species, it is expected that colonies are slightly smaller at the end of the year. Queens range from 17-18mm, and workers from 7-17mm. These ants should be kept closer to 82 degrees F with a humidity around 60%. Unlike other carpenter ants, these are a soil nesting species which require higher humidity.


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