Why keep ants?

Why keep an ant colony?

An ant colony is super cool for many reasons!

Ants are Low Maintenance

Ants need minimal care compared to traditional pets like dogs or cats. That's great if you're busy, travel a lot, or simply want to spend your valuable (and limited) time and energy enjoying your pet instead of caring for it. Once you set up their habitat, they almost take care of themselves.

Educational Value

Keeping an ant colony as a pet can be an excellent educational experience, especially for children. It offers the opportunity to observe their behavior, social structure, and how they work together as a colony.

Fascinating Behavior inside Ant Colony

Ants exhibit complex behaviors such as foraging, communicating through pheromones, and caring for their young. Observing these behaviors can be captivating.

Customizable Habitats

Ant farms come in various sizes and designs, allowing you to create a habitat that suits your space and aesthetic preferences. You can also change the habitat to mimic different environments and study how ants adapt.

Social Interaction inside your Ant Colony

While you can't exactly cuddle with your ant colony, watching them go about their daily routines can be engaging. Some species, like harvester ants, are even known to recognize their owners.

Teamwork of Ant Colony

Ants are renowned for their incredible teamwork and efficiency. Watching ants work together to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals can be inspiring.

Low Cost

Compared to many other pets, ants are inexpensive to care for. Once you have the initial ant colony setup, ongoing costs are minimal, mainly consisting of food and occasional maintenance.


Depending on the species, ants can live for several months to several years in captivity. This allows for long-term observation and study of their behavior.


There are thousands of ant species worldwide, each with its own unique characteristics and behaviors. This means there's always something new to learn and discover when keeping ants as pets.


Some people find watching ants to be calming and therapeutic. The rhythmic movements and organized behavior of ants can provide a sense of peace and tranquility.

two black ant

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